April 7, 2020
“Stone Prophet” releases new song “Remember Me”
Written by Kat Dooley

Listen to the highly anticipated single Remember Me released April 7th, 2020. “Remember Me” is available on digital streaming platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Google Play. You can purchase it on Amazon Digital.

About the Band

A U.S. rock band based out of Boise, Idaho, Stone Prophet runs the gamete from hard rock to classical in their backgrounds. The five members of Stone Prophet have musical histories spanning decades, enjoying eclectic genres and composition. Using a mix of hard/heavy rock, jazz, metal, funk, punk, alternative rock and classical styles brought by each member, the music and lyrics they produce are relevant and powerful. It is easy to see how so many fans are connecting with Stone Prophet, relating to their authenticity and emotion.

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Song Lyrics “Remember Me” (Stone Prophet)

Long grass bends to the will of the wind
Sky burns orange in the twilight
Old oak standing tall
Shields a lone stone
No eulogy

Once held a name
Time since erased
Lost in a memory

Please remember me
And keep my memory
Stand in my light
After I’m gone

Oh once was purity now holds cracks
Ash in a pile never going back
Red sun burning bright
Straight up the middle
In the dying of the light
Never felt so little

Please remember me
And keep my memory
Stand in my light
After I’m gone

Please remember me
And keep my memory
Stand in my light
After I’m gone

Remember me

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