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“Stone Prophet are musicians seeking to tell a story, an idea, a solution to what cannot be resolved alone. Reaching out with words, melodies, riffs and rhythms to awaken a dormant humanity in us all, Stone Prophet seeks to embrace all in a great unification through rock and roll.”


Jeremy Sutherland, Lead Vocals / Guitar

For 2 decades Jeremy has been creating music with a passion for anything and everything related to the unique. He is the vessel for interpreting emotion, refining and cultivating tales he shares with deft fingers on pen and guitar. His knack for composition and verse thrives with influences from culture, society, love, hate, life and death along with what catches his ear at any given moment. Jeremy’s vocal and musical influences range from the belted growls of James Hetfield to the lilting melodies of Chris Cornell all the way to the intricate and creative vocal dances of Maynard James Keenan. He is moved by vocals that are powerful and outside the realm of the ordinary.

Steve Dooley, Drums

Steve began his music career at age 10 when he was introduced to his best friends drum set along with the sounds of Led Zeppelin. Throughout middle and high school, he covered a range of popular rock and grunge bands with his 2 childhood friends. Doing so really helped Steve harness his talents which lead him to start a band with one of those same friends just out of high school called My New Life. They ended up touring extensively from 2001-2004. In 2004, Steve took a hiatus from music to become a father. In 2010 that hiatus ended in Northern CA when he started a band called Rooky Red Lion. They lasted until disbanding in 2016 when Steve moved to the Boise area. His search for the right local musicians took him up to 2018 where he started a band with a friend he met through work called Exphantoms. After his friend left the band it wasn’t long until Steve did the same and landed himself as the new drummer for Stone Prophet after Stone Prophet had lost their previous drummer to an out of state move.


Jonny Routt (Bass / Vocals)

The double punch: soul and intellect. Jonny is a songwriter, producer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist and an alumnus at Full Sail University with a B.S. in Music Production. Born into a religious and musical home and raised with southern charm, Jonny unites his life with his music leaving an impression that won’t soon fade. Jonny’s rhythmic pulse has been influenced by a myriad of musical talent including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Deftones, Pink Floyd, Jaco Pastorius and more.


Chris Jansen (Guitars – Keyboards & Vocals)
Composer, arranger, producer — Chris plays most anything that makes noise. With an education in theory, composition and arrangement, his career is a statement of contrast. He has worked with musicians around the world. Chris’ scope of influence creates an appreciation from the Dominican Friars of the Province of France to Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Marcus Miller, Stravinsky, Vangelis, Twelve Foot Ninja — to name a few. While his soul thrives in jazz, he is able to easily navigate within the halls of rock.

Grady Hansen (Guitar)

Label AND Media Contact:

Chris Jansen
Cool Change Productions, LLC
Tel.: +01 208 ‐ 350 ‐ 9716

Press Reviews

Amazing Sounds of an Awesome Local Rock Band

In the end, you’ll never achieve perfection. And therein lies the beauty of what we do. We are a collection of far-less-than-perfect guys, trying to do the best we can with what talent we have. Anyone can learn the basics of what we do. But, great chemistry – that’s a rare thing and much harder to come by. We trust each other. Hardships are part of life. Each one of us has a different way of dealing with the ups and downs. We provide for each other. Success is defined one individual at a time. If we can make someone laugh or move someone with the music we create, that’s a triumph.

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Stone Prophet Preach Rock and Roll Gospel On Debut EP ‘Voices’

Rock and roll used to be a rite of passage for rebellious youth. While there is something to be said for the reckless energy of the young, it seems more and more lately that the best new music is crafted by those who understand the heritage and heart of the past. Such is the case for rock veterans, Stone Prophet.

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